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    Curling Iron

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    Stop throwing money out of the window on expensive accessories that are bad for your beautiful hair... and find out how you can get vibrant, voluminous curls instantly!
    Have you bought a curling iron for the umpteenth time in the hopes of styling your hair to make you feel like you're on top of the world, but after a few hours your hair is already dull and without volume?
    We're sorry.
    But we know why...
    That's right, there's an explanation and it's simple: you've never tried Hairin's Curling Iron technology!



    Do you wonder what's different from the others while comparing it to the major brands on the market?
    The differences will amaze you, but first let me tell you why we designed this super innovative technology straightener...
    We did it for women like you who want the best from themselves every day, aware of the quality of the products they rely on to take care of their beautiful hair!
    That's right! For you, a dynamic and demanding woman, a normal straightener is not enough!  
     So that's why by buying your curling iron today, you'll change your idea of haircare in the blink of an eye!
    Ionic technology for your hair: we know how heat can damage hair fibers, that's why we used ionic technology to protect your hair and ensure the style you want!
    Heat-activated ions will close the hair cuticles, filling every curl with volume and shine!
    Healthy and Stylish hair wherever and whenever you want: to give you the style you want and the convenience you need to deal with everyday life we have designed this straightener with a unique and attractive design, but above all functional!  
    That's right! Just slip it into your bag and... you will always have the top look at hand! The unique touch? The 360-degree cable that allows a dynamic that you can not give up, whether you're at home or on the road!
    Smart heat control: the intelligent temperature control will heat the straightener to exactly the temperature you need, maximizing the effect of ion technology and eliminating the risk of annoying burns and scalds!
    What are you waiting for! Get your curling iron now and forget once and for all the frustration of dull and flat curls, welcome to a new era of volume and richness!

    Ergonomic design and ultra-high temperature resistant materials.
    The power cord is able to rotate 360 degrees, with 2*0.5mm² round rubber wire.
    LED display 5 levels of temperature adjustment: 120 ℃, 140 ℃, 160 ℃, 180 ℃, 200 ℃.

    Heating Element: Nano-Ceramic PTC Heating Element
    Voltage: 110V-220V (Global Voltage Universal)
    Power Supply: 50 / 60Hz, 25W
    Function: Curls
    Product Size: 290X9mm/11.42X0.35"
    Picture Frames And Display Items Size: 31X9.6X5.1cm/12.2X3.78X2.01"


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