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    Electric Shaver for Men 6 D in 1

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    6 Self-coated 6D blades:
    6 heads that provide a larger contact surface area for a closer and faster shave.
    The shaver is equipped
    with a powerful motor and its blades have a special anti-abrasion and hypoallergenic coating.
    Its 6 flexible heads rotate to follow the contours of the face, head, neck and jaw, offering a closer, cleaner shave without irritating the skin. 

     This electric shaver is the updated, next generation version of the 6D. It has six floating heads.

    It can effectively increase the shaving area, saving time with traditional shaver. The cutting head can float up and down with the contour

    of the face and head, making shaving smoother.





    The 6 blades fit elegantly, without fear of short stubble, quickly capture and stabilize the shave, and the blade feels smooth and supple, adapting 

    to different facial contours.
    Ultra-thin double ring knife net for veneer knives

    The double ring knife net increases the contact area by 50%, and the curved knife net tightly adheres to the contour of the face,

    effectively reducing shaving time.






    Rechargeable via USB
    Charging the shaver for 2 hours can be used cordless for 90 minutes.

    Eyes as light indicators to show charging and working status. It is perfect for your daily use and on the go, you can take it anywhere






     Distinctive design
    The curved design of the electric shaver is easy to hold and use.

    The existence of the skull makes the shaver closer. You can easily put the electric

    shaver in your pocket or backpack, lightweight and easy to carry.






     Waterproof and Wet & Dry:

    This electric shaver has a great waterproof function, the whole body can be washed.

    The blade can be opened so you can easily clean the residual hair. You can use it wet or dry, shaving with soap or cream will get better shaving

    results anyway.






    Finally after a long negotiation with the technical laboratory we

    were able to have it in 2 versions:

    Silver / Gold





    Multifunctional beard care kit: The electric shaver has 6 different accessories,

    including 6D shaver head, hair trimmer (3mm / 5mm / 7mm), nose hair trimmer, face cleaning brush, body trimmer and massage brush.

    The multifunctional care kit will give you all your facial care needs. The effect of the shaved bald head is remarkable.







    Excellent customer service:

    If you have any problems while using the electric shaver, please feel free to contact us.

    We will always be here to assist you as soon as possible. For better baldness, first use the hair clipper to cut hair less than 5mm, then use the electric shaver.






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